Harvest Texarkana needs your help in feeding hungry kids this summer.

Many people find it surprising to learn that our neighbors in the Texarkana area struggle most during the "carefree" days of summer. Indeed, though the majority of donations come in around the holidays, summertime is when Harvest Texarkana has to work the hardest to get families the help they need.

During the school year, hungry children can rely on the free lunch and breakfast programs at school to get regular meals during the week. But when school lets out for the summer, these programs evaporate. On top of that, working families have the added burden of finding summertime childcare for their kids, putting a tight squeeze on already stretched finances.

But that is where Harvest Regional Food Bank steps in. They work all summer long to provide food to those facing hunger with an expansive network of food pantries, soup kitchens, and other food programs. But they can only accomplish all of this with valued partners like you right beside them. Your continued support will help families stretch their resources through the lean summer months.

No child should worry about being hungry during the summer months - and your gift can help ensure that they don't. In fact, every $10 you give, can provide enough food for 55 meals, an immense help to local children and families!

Camille Parker, the executive director of Harvest Texarkana, says that if you cannot donate money to help, the following food items are always greatly appreciated.

"All types of non-perishable foods are appreciated. Breakfast, and granola bars are a kid friendly option for those who may not have access to breakfast when school is out. Boxed meal starters, like hamburger helper, etc., are also a great way to help a family prepare a '“one-pot' nutritious meal. Canned vegetables and pasta are also greatly appreciated by many of the families we reach," she explained.

Camille tells us that in our area, an estimated 15,000 children live at or below the poverty line and experience food insecurity at some point during the year. This means they do not know where their next meal is coming from. This is especially true during the summer months when these children may not have access to free and reduced breakfast and lunch each day.

Summer is the toughest season of the year for the thousands of families Harvest Texarkana serves. Please give your most generous gift today.