There are times when you need your family doctor, and there are times when you need the emergency room. But let's face it, some of the time an Urgent Care facility would be perfect instead. When called for, my family and I go to HealthCARE Express.

The one we use regularly is on Richmond Road, but there's also one on 7th Street and the most recent one in Texarkana is on Arkansas Boulevard. Dr. Tim Reynolds and his team are showing the rest of the medical world how urgent care is done with HealthCARE Express.

My family and I have been to HealthCARE Express on many occasions over the last six or seven years for a variety of illnesses, sprains and bumps. Getting in to see a general practitioner can sometimes take forever and the costs associated with going to the emergency room can be excessive, especially if it's more than what you need. HealthCARE Express provides that middle ground that usually fits most situations.

If it makes a difference for you, the HealthCARE Express gang can be seen around town at charity functions and events throughout the year. They are truly a company that gives back to the community. Klondike is everywhere.

Like they say on their Local Expert Page

HealthCARE Express urgent care and occupational medicine walk-in clinics are designed for patients with a commitment to providing you with a WOWZA! Customer Experience.


No appointment is necessary -- just find one near you, check the hours, and walk on in. If you would like to reduce your wait time even further, however, set up an appointment online through their website,

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Posted by Healthcare Express on Thursday, October 1, 2015