It may be time to dust off your boots and head to Billy Bob's Texas this summer in Fort Worth. Why? Because after 37 years and more than 17 million visitors, Billy Bob's Texas has a brand new dance floor.

According to a press release, yesterday the new dance floor was graced by one lucky couple who got the opportunity to conduct the “first dance”.

“Dance enthusiasts came from around the country,” said Billy Bob’s Texas partner Pam Minick. “Fans and friends of Billy Bob’s Texas were able to take a piece of the award-winning club home with them as we distributed segments of the historic dance floor to patrons celebrating this milestone.”

In addition to the millions of visitors that have enjoyed the 2,000 square foot dance floor, it has been featured in the movies,'Necessary Roughness,' 'Pure Country,' 'Baja, Oklahoma,' 'Over The Top,' and several music videos including the most recent one, "Burn Out" by the Academy of Country Music’s ‘New Group of the Year’ Midland.

The unveiling was also covered live by local TV affiliate WFAA (ABC 8)

Watch Midland's one-take video, "Burn Out"

So Texarkana gather up some friends and head to Billy Bob's Texas.

For more information head to their website