The big game is this weekend and apparently you won't be the only watching. According to ABC News around 189 million Americans will be watching the Super Bowl.In addition, to watching many Americans will be drinking as well. Beer tops the list as the favorite beverage 53% of people over 21 will be indulging in their favorite brew compared to 27% who will drinking wine. And while many folks plan cookouts at home, 48 million people will order food for delivery or pickup. 12 million pizzas are expected to be sold and 1.3 billion chicken wings will be consumed according to Domino's, man that's a lot of wings!

As far as chips, Americans will spend $140.2 million dollars on them and $5.1 dollars on vegetable trays. And you know, you can't have chips without dips, right? Almost 140 million pounds of guacamole will be served up according to the California Avocado Commission. Holy Guacamole Batman!

This is also the time of year that TV sales go up. About 8.7 million dollars will be spent on new televisions, people scrambling to find great deals on big screens prior to super Sunday. Crazy!

In all, the average fan will spend $82.19 on food, decor and team merchandise.

Of course, a lot of this food will be eaten before the game even gets underway. Forget the diets, just enjoy this American tradition. I know I will.

Super Bowl 50 kicks off at 5:30PM (Central) on CBS.

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