"Excuse me sir, did you see what happened?"

"Yeah I did. I was just standing there on the corner waiting for the bus and her she come... trotting. I hollered at Ethel, don't look Ethel!, but it was too late. She'd already grabbed her i-phone and uploaded a video to the YouTube".

So much for my lame attempt at humor today (that's a spin off from Ray Stevens "The Streak", in case you didn't catch the reference).

Anyway, I don't ride horses anymore (and never was that interested in riding as a kid), but horses will always hold a special place in my heart. My grandparents at one time hosted horse and pony shows/races and my parents were into the rodeo scene so I've been around them all my life. I have an appreciation for not only their beauty, but their temperament and personalities (you haven't lived until you've seen a horse throw a temper tantrum up close). That's why this story caught my eye this morning (and why I've wasted the past hour watching horse videos on YouTube). I guess people in Philadelphia aren't use to seeing a horse running down the road. The lady in the video cracks me up. She yelled at the horse and by golly it listened!

While we're "horsing around" this morning (another lame attempt at humor), here are some more horse videos for your viewing enjoyment.

"Patches" has to be the most spoiled horse in the world. He rides in the car, eats cheeseburgers, sleeps in a human bed and fetches beers for his owner.

From Australia, this video shows one reason who you shouldn't get "down under" (ahem, more humor) a horse.

You know, all of a sudden I feel the urge to saddle up and ride the trails! Ok, maybe not so much. But I do think It's time to take a trip over to Beavers Bend or some other place in the area to let the kids experience the thrill of riding. Horse riding might not have been my "thing", but I'm glad my parents urged me to ride as a kid. Many afternoons I spent riding on old Sugar Plum and I still smile every time I think about those days.

Any suggestions for a place to teach my kids how to ride? Surely there's a dude ranch around the Ark-La-Tex somewhere.

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