Simply to prove we have nothing better to do on a Tuesday...

I found all 3 bags at the Texas-side Walmart Saturday so I saved them for the Tuesday morning show so we could do an on-air taste test. How's that for thrilling morning radio!

First up Sriracha:

  • Lisa: A little disappointed, but overall chose this one as her favorite... thinks it would be good with a sandwich.
  • Jim: Blik! Not a fan of spicy foods to begin with, so this one is out for me.
  • John: Like Lisa, wished it had a little more bite and flavor but overall, not bad..
Second in line, Cheesy Garlic Bread:
  • Lisa: Good, stronger flavor, nice by itself.
  • Jim: Me and garlic have a thing, thumbs up from me.
  • John: Taste like he's in an Italian restaurant, like.
Lastly it was the least anticipated chip of the morning and apparently for good reason, Chicken & Waffles:
  • Lisa: Best in the trash can. No
  • I'm not into syrup that must, especially on chicken., No
  • John: Didn't like the chicken aftertaste. No

Out of the 3 new flavors it appears that Cheesy Garlic Bread has pulled off the victory for the morning crew, Sriraca a close second and Chicken & Waffles is best left alone by all of us.

If you have tasted these please give us a quick vote below and then be sure and support your favorite at the Lay's website at this link!