The UK paper, "The Sun",is reporting that the Iraqi Government is demanding a former British Soldier return Saddam Hussein's rear end, calling it a piece of "cultural antiquity" and threatening theft charges if it's not returned.

The hiney the Iraqi Government is wanting back is actually a two foot bronze piece of the statue that was famously toppled as American and British troops took over Baghdad inApril of 2003. As jubilant Iraqi's celebrated and Saddam's bronze head was being dragged down the street, British commando Nigel "Spud" Ely collected his memento and took it back to the UK.

The Iraqi Government has lobbied the British Embassy to pressure "Spud" to return to piece, but so far he hasn't. He claims he has since turned the piece into an artwork, which would make him the legal owner. He tried to auction it off last year to help injured troops, but was unsuccessful. He says if the Iraqi Government wants to split the proceeds for charity, he would be open to discussing it.