You see it all the time, people driving with their dogs in their lap or holding them when while they drive. We all love our pets, we take them on walks, jogging, hiking, and even while driving. But is that illegal to do in Arkansas and what about Texas?

The answer is NO, but could you get a ticket if pulled over. According to the Arkansas State Police, this somewhat fits under distracted driving as in cell phone or drinking, while you are most likely not to get a ticket unless it someway it impaired your vision and causes you to violate a motor vehicle law.

Arkansas State Police state the following.

Drivers are required to maintain safe control of their vehicle at all times which includes a clear vision to see outside their windows. No obstructions and the prohibition of distracted driving.

State police recommend that you keep the pet in a safe area in the vehicle, whether it be a pet carrier or a mesh net to keep your pet in the back seat.

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I do believe there are some types of safety seats for dogs if I am not mistaken. As would all like to let our dogs roam free in our vehicles it can become dangerous for the driver and your pet if you had to abruptly stop. God forbid, what would happen to your furry friend if it were on your lap and you had a wreck, the dog would most likely be crushed, something none of us want to think about.

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As a matter of fact, the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act states that if an animal is injured because it wasn't properly restrained, owners could face up $11,000 in fines and could serve up to 6 months in jail in the worst-case scenario. Most resources say you should always let your pet ride in the backseat when taking them for a joyride. Don't make these mistakes.

And if you are wondering about Texas law?

It's basically the same it is not illegal, in fact, most states in the United States do not have an explicit law for driving with your dog on your lap, only in Hawaii, it is illegal there. The bottom line is, We all want our dogs to be happy, you do what's best for you and your pet.

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In closing, I wonder if they do at some point make it illegal, what will they call it, a DWD or DWP. Driving with your dog or pet?

For more information on driving with dogs check this out.

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