April is National Stress Awareness Month and seeing as how I've been feeling a LOT of stress lately, I've been looking up ways to reduce it. Here are some of my findings.

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    Have no control over a situation? Walk away from it!

    This is especially important for Razorback fans right now. Step away from the TV and message boards and just go outside and take a walk. Petrino is gone, he's not coming back, we can worry til' the cows come home but that's not going to get the Hogs a coach any faster.

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    Play a computer game!

    If you're stuck in front of a computer for most of your work day and can't get out of the office to blow off a little steam, try one of the many online games to help relieve a little stress. Tired of looking at your computer screen? Try an offline game like solitaire (with an actual deck of cards), crossword puzzles or play with a slinky!

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    Laugh, laugh and laugh some more. (Even if you have to fake it!)

    Laughter really is the best medicine. Read a funny story, watch a funny video. Find a way to LAUGH! Experts say even if you don't feel like laughing, make yourself!

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    Use Progressive Muscle Relaxation techniques.

    If you don't know how, there's a great article on about.com with a step by step guide. Ahhhhhhh.

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    Praise yourself! Preferably out loud!

    Tell yourself that your good enough, you're smart enough.. and doggone it, people like you!(You will probably want to do this in your car or shut up in your office.. you don't want people thinking you've finally gone off the deep end.) Positive affirmations are a proven stress reliever.

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    Listen to Music!

    Crank up some upbeat tunes to help take your mind off what stresses you. This also helps you to feel more optimistic and positive, which leads to a LOT less stress. More laid back music helps as well because it helps you relax, just stay away from the depressing stuff!

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