Morgan Wallen and Miley Cyrus are currently two of the top artists on the charts, thanks to the release of their respective new albums, but not too many people would say the two singers sound alike.

However, some users on TikTok somehow discovered that when Wallen's songs are sped up or pitched higher, he sounds a bit like the former Hannah Montana star.

This phenomenon has taken social media by storm — people can't help but hear Cyrus when Wallen's voice is sped up. The song that mostly elicits this response is Wallen's cover of "Cover Me Up," originally by Jason Isbell.

The hosts of radio show Big D and Bubba are some who are shocked by this comparison, and in a show segment from earlier this month, they played the sped up clip of "Cover Me Up."

"If you were to tell me Miley re-did Morgan Wallen, that's it," Bubba says of the clip.

In a more recent segment, the radio show hosts continued this experiment and sped up other Wallen songs like "Sand in My Boots" "Whiskey Glasses" and "Chasin' You" to see if the theory holds up.

Remy and Kasey of 92.3 WIL also played the Morgan/Miley "Cover Me Up" tune and agreed about the odd phenomenon. Additionally, they discovered that Garth Brooks pitched up sounds a bit like Reba McEntire, and Carrie Underwood pitched down sounds eerily like Randy Houser.

They pitched Cyrus' latest single, "Flowers," down to see if she sounds like Morgan Wallen in another video, but the results weren't favorable.

Country singer Priscilla Block also got in on the fun, saying, "This is the best thing that I'll never be able to unhear."

Neither Wallen nor Cyrus have commented on the viral sound.

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