There's a lot of food to be eaten in the state of Texas.

We all have our favorite type of food in the Lone Star State, and if you pull any ten Texans together and poll them, you may find a few different selections of a personal choice. So, to say the least, food is important in Texas.

But as with everything, there's always going to be a place that's serves a person's favorite food in the best way possible. So some Texans will go to great lengths to visit that eatery and enjoy their top cuisine choice. But certain restaurants always have the extra flair that brings people to eat there.

Not all eateries are created the same, as we all know. One restaurant in Houston, Texas may a hold a distinction that could bring those with strong nerves to partake in the food.

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Ambrosia, The Most Haunted Eatery In Texas?


According to Sky21, Ambrosia seems like a normal, elegant place to eat, but things aren't always what they seem to be. As revealed by workers of the restaurant, there are many reasons the eatery seems to be eerie:

- Encountering a ghostly woman in an article of white clothing wandering about the restaurant
- Having your hair tugged or tapped by an unseen hand
- Observing kitchen utensils move from the corner of your eye
- Feeling chilly places and winds in some parts of the restaurant
- Hearing your name spoken when no one else is there
- Observations include a frozen margarita machine turning on by itself, as well as shadows and orbs in the eating and toilet areas

So, if you're got nerves of steel and an empty stomach, this might be place for you to eat at! Just be prepared for an unnatural eating experience perhaps...

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