On Monday night (Dec. 17), The Voice's final remaining Season 17 contestants shared original songs as part of their bid's for the TV singing competition's crown. Country-leaning contestant Jake Hoot offered a song inspired by his divorce, "Better Off Without You."

The upbeat melody and rock-tinged guitars of "Better Off Without You" mask its more somber subject matter. "It's plain to see I'm better off without you," Hoot sings in the song's chorus, his voice a mix of Chris Young and Randy Houser"Strange to think how much I've allowed you / To make me feel like I was in the wrong / And you had the right to turn my world around / But that's alright / I'm better off without you."

Hoot explained the story behind "Better Off Without You" when asked about its inspiration by his coach, Kelly Clarkson. "Going through a divorce, that was my lowest point," he shared. "I was sitting there one night. I thought of the lyric 'I can see the thunder and hear the dark.'"

Clarkson called "Better Off Without You" "so rad" and "radio ready," while her fellow coach Gwen Stefani added that she was excited to get to know Hoot's story more through his original song.

"My favorite thing about your voice is the power you have in there," Stefani added. "My favorite thing that's happened through the show is watching you get so relaxed onstage and really enjoying it and owning it. At first it was like you were a little bit timid; now I can see you're embodying the whole experience."

Hoot is competing in The Voice Season 17 finale against Ricky Duran from coach Blake Shelton's team, Katie Kadan from coach John Legend's team and Rose Short from Stefani's team. The newest The Voice champion will be crowned on Tuesday night (Dec. 17).

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