East Texas Songwriteer of the Year Winner Jed Crisp brings his brand of country to the Hopkin's Icehouse stage Thursday night.

Jedidiah Crisp is a self proclaimed genre free musician. Jed grew up behind the Piney Curtain of East Texas, he draws from his back woods, oil top life experiences.


Jed has a true gift for writing songs with real substance and personal conviction. This ability allows him to draw people into his music and be a part of it as well as enjoy it at the same time.

Jed is the award winning Singer/Songwriter and Single of the year for East Texas in 2013. He is also currently putting in studio time to release his first EP with Cherokee Records.

Jed Crisp can draw you in with his slow original ballads, upbeat drinking songs and brings a uniqueness to every song with his voice.He is relaxed and as easy going as they come. He has been voted by the fans for Single of the Year for 2014 for his song 'Small Town'. Jed is an artist you would not want to pass up on. Good times seem to follow him where ever he goes