We are in a Friday mood! So, we thought we'd ask a fun question today. We wanted to know, What's the manliest thing you've ever done? Jim said "I rang the bell 3 times on one of those mallet things at the carnival. Then I spat, scratched and burped and said manly things!"

Mine "manliest" moment?  "I changed the oil in my car! My dad was with me, does that count? Oh and I've changed a tire too, but I think next time I'll call my sweet husband!"

John Williams said, once he was playing baseball and the ball came and hit him in the head, and he didn't cry! LOL!

A lot of our listeners posted some great things on the Kicker Facebook page, from hitting there ex-boyfriend in the face to hog hunting! But, there was one that really stood out!  One of our listeners donated his kidney to a friend! Not just manly...but totally awesome!

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