Having the right type and right amount of insurance is important for any married couple to have, so if you're planning on getting hitched to your sweetheart soon, there's no better time than now to start reviewing your coverage options.

As your local Farmers agent in Texarkana, Kacie Kirkland Agency helps customers identify the insurance coverage that best fits their needs using a personalized yet straightforward approach to educate you about all the different types of plans that are out there.

Kacie Kirkland's expertise can help you better understand your coverage options, whether it be auto, home, renters, business insurance, and more. Here are three of the most important tips she shares with her clients:

  • Bundling all of your policies together at the same agency will get you the best rates and most discounts.
  • Getting your own personal life insurance policy and retirement plan outside of your work plans and using your work life insurance as your secondary policy. When you retire, switch jobs, go on medical leave you no longer have the work life insurance policy. The plans outside of your work will ensure that you own and control your own policy and won't lose it in case of one of these events.
  • Meet with your agent at least once per year to make sure that everything you have insured is correct and up to date. Don't wait until an extreme event in order to make sure that your policies are correct. Yearly reviews are very important!

Find an insurance agent that you trust and one that has your family's best interest at heart. If you can communicate what you want out of your insurance, Kacie Kirkland can take care of it for you. They're in the business of helping and caring for people and would love to work for you too!

Give Kacie Kirkland Agency a call today at (903) 306-0963 to receive a quote today or visit them online to learn more about what they can do for you.

Kacie Kirkland
Kacie Kirkland

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