It’s become a tradition of sorts for Keith Urban to scan the crowd during a part of his live shows on the Graffiti U World Tour and check to see if there are any fans he might want to bring onstage with him. During a show in Calgary on Sunday (Sept. 23), the lucky fan was a woman named Michela Sheedy.

After noticing her bright pink poster board sign that read, "Will trade sister for a chance to sing with Keith Urban," the Aussie couldn't help himself and invited Sheedy to the stage. After some talk back and forth, Sheedy took on Miranda Lambert's part in the country stars' duet "We Were Us."

And they sounded amazing together!

Remember When Keith Brought a Fan Onstage and THIS Happened?!

"When we were on stage and he was talking to my mom and my sister, I had a moment to myself and said, ‘OK, keep it together. Remember your words,'" Sheedy recalls in talking to CTV News in Canada about the unforgettable moment. "Me and him are singing into the same microphone and it was crazy. His face was practically on my face."

Come to find out that Sheedy and her family have been attending Urban’s concerts since 2005, and that the 22-year-old aspiring singer actually is a backup anthem singer for the Calgary Flames hockey team. But it's her impromptu collaboration with Urban that will propel Sheedy in her pursuit of a music career.

"I’m really prepared to just keep on working hard and writing good music and we’ll see where it goes from there," she says.

Who Could Forget That Team Keith Pulled Up This Little Sweetheart?


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