A couple of weekends ago my husband and were in the Lindale, Texas area for a friends wedding couples shower.  It's Miranda Lambert's hometown so, of course, we had to stop in and check out her boutique The Pink Pistol. 

The Pink Pistol (and by the way, who doesn't love saying that name?) is located at 114 E. North Street. You really can't miss it. Our phones were having a tough time in Lindale for some reason and we both had to restart them for the network to find us. So even if you are 'old school" you'll be able to find it. Any Hoo, the boutique is as unique as its name with great boots and clothing including Miranda concert and tour t-shirts and items benefitting her animal rescue Mutt Nation.

You can spend some time checking out Miranda's wine too. There are 9 wines and different wine tasting packages to choose from in the Red 55 Winery Hemingway Room. Yeah, we bought a couple of bottles of wine and of course I had to get myself a Pink Pistol t-shirt. The staff is super sweet and they said Miranda comes in usually once a month to check on everything. Check out some of the photos we took of our visit to The Pink Pistol.

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