Halloween is this week. Tis the season to get scared and one of the best ways is to watch a scary movie. Last week we asked our Kicker listeners what was the scariest movie they've ever seen?

We asked the question on the Kicker Facebook page and from the responses we received we feel like we have a really good list of scary movies to watch!

The number one movie our listeners said was the original Halloween, heck the soundtrack alone is creepy!

Here are the top five scariest movies according to our Kicker listeners:

1. Halloween

2. The Exorcist

3. The Conjuring

4. Pet Cemetary

5. IT

Other movies mentioned include Poltergeist, Evil Dead, When a Stranger Calls, and Candyman.

The movie that scares me the most? Child's Play. Chucky creeps me out! Oh and The Grunge and The Ring. Yikes!

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