Few things in the sky have produced more awe and superstition than eclipses, comets, and asteroids. As part of the Texarkana College’s Distinguished Lecture Series, Delbert Dowdy, a thirty-year professor of physics, will explain the nature and causes of these celestial beings. Join Texarkana College’s Department of Science, Technology and Math (STEM) Today, March 6, 2018, at 6PM for this fascinating presentation. Lecture will take place in the Stilwell Humanities Building Music Hall.

“Man has recorded these strange happenings from the dawn of history,” said Dowdy. “The heavens were believed to be timeless and unchanging and visitors in the sky were viewed with suspicion.”

Dowdy said that until science began to further understand the phenomenon and unravel their mystery, spectators believed they would bring bad tidings.
“Even today, certain cultures still view changes in the sky with misgiving,” said Dowdy. “There’s a belief that eclipses, comets and asteroids have influenced wars, invasions, conquests, and civilizations throughout history.”
During Tuesday’s lecture, attendees will learn about the effect eclipses, comets and asteroids have on the earth, and how they have affected human history and culture. A discussion about what to expect in the future and a question and answer session will follow.