We live in a society where we're all looking for that quick fix when we have pain. We pop a pill or take a pain reliever instead finding real, alternative ways in which to manage our pain. But life doesn't have to be this way.Depending on the severity of your pain, which can vary from person to person, it can be very debilitating, a real mood killer, and if let untreated can really affect a person's life. Dr. Mohammed Khan is a physician from Healthcare Express on Richmond Road and offers an interventional pain management program that just may be the solution you've been looking for.

Dr. Khan, along with Dr. Obinna Emechebe, shared some alternative methods in which you can learn to manage your pain on a daily basis. One of the goals is to first educate the patient about his body and the severity of his pain condition.

"Our goal is to help our patients with chronic pain so they can achieve a good level of function and improve their quality of life." "It's really about what the patient's needs are, whether it be be playing with the grandchildren or walking in the park," Dr. Khan said.

Dr. Khan said they have the tools in place to help make a difference in a patient's lives such as spine injections, nerve blocks under x-ray and ultrasound guidance. Both physicians are board certified and trained on various nerve blocks, epidural injections and spinal cord stimulators that could lead to a better quality of life for patients suffering from pain.

Physical Therapist Ben Smith also helps patients suffering with pain in their salt water aqua therapy pool through lumbar stabilization and in the gym.

To find out more about treatments available at Healthcare Express go to their website and click on pain management. Services are available by appointment only.

About Dr. Khan

Dr. Khan is double board-certified in Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine and Pain Management. He received his doctorate of medicine from Texas Tech University, where he also received several awards. His special interests in medicine include electrodiagnostic medicine, interventional pain management as well as multimodal treatments for acute and chronic pain conditions. In his free time, Dr. Khan enjoys golfing, being outdoors, and spending time with family and his wife, Dr. Asma Shahid.