My Shoe of The Week this week are these sweet little gems. My Gianni Bini short suede boots are not practical. Nope, not one bit! But, I love them.

I found these on a sale rack at Dillard's a few years ago. They came in a few different colors. Black, gray and this blue violet. At first I thought I should be at least a little sensible and get the gray or black. I mean really, what would I wear with a blue violet colored boot? Luckily, that silly, sensible thinking didn't stick around for very long. I walked around the mall and thought about it for a few minutes. I couldn't get that color out of my head. I thought "What a fun color! I'll find something to wear with them."

These boots have a sweet bow on the side which, in my opinion, really makes the shoe.

In the video I described the color as "blue velvet" but I meant to say "blue violet." Oh well.