A once in a lifetime celestial event takes place tonight on the first day of the winter solstice.

I'm sure you have heard that our two planets Jupiter and Saturn will be the closest to one another not since 1226 AD. The close alignment means that it will appear that the two planets have merged giving the illusion of one big shining star. This natural phenomenon has been named the Christmas star, something we're all familiar with in the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. The scientific technical term is called the great conjunction.

The best time to observe this shining star is right around sunset in the Southwest sky. Of course, for best viewing you might want to be out in the country away from city lights. You will have approximately 45-60 minutes to observe this celestial event that won't happen again until March 15, 2080. You don't have to have a telescope or binoculars to see this but if you want a better view it certainly will help. Here's how you can photograph Saturn and Jupiter.

You can see the LIVE stream here at 6PM.

The year 2020 has certainly been like no other so it's only fitting that we wrap up the end of the year with a rare astronomical occurrence.

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