OK, technically, the term "blue moon" isn't really the color blue, but according to Space.com, the blue moon refers to the second full moon in any given month. August has two, Tuesday and Wednesday night is the second full moon of the month, so it is the Super Blue Moon of August 2023.

But Wait, There's More!

Yes, it is a supermoon because it occurs during the time the moon is closest to the Earth making it appear larger in the night sky. And again, speaking in technicalities, Wednesday night will be 99% full, whereas Tuesday night is 100% full. But Wednesday has a bonus.

So When Are You Supposed To Look?

Good news there, moonrise for us will be 7:18 PM tonight. It will set for us at 4:48 AM, you will have a long night to try and catch sight of it.

Blue Full Moon - Canva
Blue Full Moon - Canva

What's The Bonus You Ask?

One word... Saturn.

Saturn is as close to the Earth as it gets, you can see it with the naked eye but even with a regular back-yard telescope, you should be able to the Saturn's rings. The plus is Saturn will be very close to the moon in the sky overhead. Of course, they are not close to together for reelz, Just from our vantage point. Just look for the bright star in the sky that is not blinking near the moon.

Enjoy the night sky...

Saturn in 2023
Saturn in 2023

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