The organizers of the Live United Bowl have dotted all their "i"s and crossed all their "t"s, now you and other area citizens need to respond.

The Live United Bowl will be played this Saturday, December 5,  with a noon kickoff at Texarkana Razorback Stadium. The people who run the bowl, Allen Brown, Jeff Roberson, and the many bowl committee members are local citizens, working to make this the best bowl experience possible and raise the most money they can for their local United Way.

The United Way stands ready to spend every dollar raised on local organizations that help local people in need. The two universities invited to play in the third annual Live United Bowl are in town and ready to give their all both on and off the field.

There will no doubt by several thousand fans streaming in from Oklahoma to watch their favorite team play in a bowl game. These same fans will spend money in Texarkana by staying in our hotels, eating at our restaurants, and spending money at our retail stores.

The only missing piece of the puzzle is you, our local citizenry. We need you to show support, to buy a ticket, show up at the game, and show the country you care. We need local people to fill the stands alongside the respective schools fans.

Ticket prices are no excuse not to go. Adult tickets at $10 and student and children tickets are just $4. Making it a day at the stadium will cost less than it costs to take the family to the movies or out to a sit-down restaurant.

The weather is no excuse either. It is going to be a perfect day to be outside and watch a bowl game event. Sunshine and temperatures will be in the upper 50s. It does not get much better than that.

I often hear that there is nothing different to do in Texarkana. Well, here's something different. I often hear that Texarkana won't support anything. I don't believe that. Several times in just the last few years people have come to together here to support something or someone.

Does anyone remember how the community opened their arms and helped those who fled Hurricane Katrina and landed in Texarkana? Do you remember the 18 wheeler or loaded supplies we sent to New York City following 9/11?

Do you remember how twice the Texarkana area community came together to show tremendous support to save Red River Army Depot from closure during two Base Realignment and Closure processes?

Do you remember not once, but twice, citizens joined together in a cause to get two dog parks built on both sides of town, or how we came together to win a paint your town contest for some buildings downtown?

This is just as good a cause. The local United Way helps numerous agencies, that help numerous people in need right here in our community. Remember all proceeds, above expenses go to that local cause.

You can be a part of that by simply buying a ticket and filling the stands. There is going to be family-oriented activity going on prior to the game, bands, dance teams, cheer squads from both Southwest Oklahoma State University and the University of Central Oklahoma will be performing prior to the game, during the game and at half time.

Kids inflatables will be there and you can purchase an extra ticket for a drawing that will allow someone to try a field goal attempt to win $500.

There are lots of reasons to come, including exciting college bowl game football. Be a part of something special.

Let's pack Razorback Stadium.

Tickets are available Friday at Mil-Way Federal Credit Union Branches, the Texarkana Chamber of Commerce, the United Way Office in Texarkana, and online. Tickets will also be available at the stadium gate on Saturday.

A free collegiate pep rally will be held inside the Texarkana, Ark., Convention Center Friday night at 8PM, and a 5K Run will be held Saturday morning.

Remember, bowl officials are asking volunteers and local fans to park at Arkansas High and take the short, shuttle bus ride to the stadium to give more room for the out of town fans to park.

I'm going to be at the game providing the public address announcing.

My hope is you will be there also.