You ever wonder if anyone wins those big Scratch Ticket games? They do! As usual, it's not me, but someone did and this one was from just up I-30 in Mount Pleasant, Texas.

The winner elected to remain anonymous, as would most people I would imagine,  but how exciting to realize that at least someone close by won a big one right?

Can you imagine what it must be like to suddenly realize you have enough money to retire, or to pay off the house and all your bills, those are the kinds of dreams I have when I read about these things.

If you're curious which scratch game it was... the game is called '$250 Million Cash Party' and the ticket was sold at the Mt. Pleasant Travel Center, located at 2011 N. Jefferson Ave., in Mount Pleasant.

According to the Press Release this was the third of four top prizes worth $1 million to be claimed in this game. $250 Million Cash Party offers more than $250 million in total prizes. Overall odds of winning any prize in the game are one in 3.45, including break-even prizes.

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