It's heating up at the movie box office with three new releases this weekend.

Rocketman  (R)

The music and life of legendary performer Elton John comes to life on the big screen played by Taron Egerton, who by the way, sings all the songs in this movie. The musical icon first started out his career as Reginald Dwight but his career struggled under that name. This movie also covers his sexual relationship with his manager John Reid, his struggles with alcohol addiction and his partnership with songwriter Bernie Taupin who was very instrumental in his success as an artist. If you are a fan of Elton John, this is a must see movie.

Godzilla fans have been waiting on this mega monster movie ever since the last one came out and gave a hint after the credits that Mothra was coming. In this one, a scientist (Charles Dance) develops a device that communicates with Mothra and Rodan but by doing so they wake up King Ghidorah who goes on a rampage and the only one that can stop him is Godzilla.

Ma  (R)

This horror thriller stars Octavia Spencer in a role you're probably not used to see her play. What seems like a normal woman who is very lonely decides she wants to liven up her social life so she buys a group of teens some booze and throws a party at her house. That's when things start to take a turn for the worse, she becomes possessive, obsessive and violently deranged.

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