What exactly does that mean?For most people living today, they look forward to marriage and children. However, if you live in Japan that it not the case.

According to the Huffington Post, Japan "is traditional and women are expected to be housewives and bring up the kids. There is no place in the workforce for them after they have children and that is a big problem. This generation now has opted out of having sex – it’s a strange thing that can only happen in Japan."

Women of Japan say their chances of getting promotions lessen once they marry because bosses thinks they will want to start a family. It is a forgone conclusion that they will have to quit your job after the baby is born because of the traditional family values that still hold strong in the country.

Men also are choosing virtual girlfriends, Manga and video games in lieu of sex. With both sexes, abstaining from sex the population of Japan is decreasing and the elderly won't have many options of care from family. Therefore, the "celibacy syndrome" coined by writer Abigail Haworth, could very well become the norm in Japan.

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