Let's face it relationships can be challenging and can take a lot of work. But the key to most relationships is communication and honesty. Do you ever lie to your significant other? If you said no, chances are you're not telling the truth.

According to some new research that just came out couples lie to each other an average of three times a week.

57 people recently took part in the study which included one person per couple, all between the ages of 18-27, however it was unclear if they were dating or married or both.

You would think being dishonest with your mate would make things worse but the study’s lead researcher, Sean Horan, said that fibbing isn’t actually such a bad thing:

Although it’s very common, the motives behind it aren’t bad. The most dominant motives were to avoid conflict, negative feelings, and hurting your partner.”

Horan also said the small lies are okay because “We don’t always want to know the truth all the time.” However, if you’re lying about something major, that’s when the real problems can begin.


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