Well, there's church and singing, but then things escalated quickly.

We just celebrated Valentine's Day and while my social feed wasn't immediately filled with new engagements, I wouldn't not be surprised at the number of people committing to spend their lives together after this week. For Georgia's Robert Walker and his wife Esther, love began at church.

According to CNN, Esther wouldn't go on a date with Robert until he bought a suit and went to church with her. And that's exactly what he did. That first gesture has now brought 75 years of marriage for the two after they eloped in 1942.

Church is still at the forefront of their relationship.

When interviewed recently about their marriage, the couple credited three things to staying together for so long. The first is church. The second is signing. The couple love to sing together in the car on road trips. The third... is being intimate.

That's right.

The two lovebirds believe that having some private time to "connect" is imperative to a good strong marriage. I mean, what else was there to do during the Great Depression.

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