How would you like to win $1000?  Matt Harris of Ashdown, Arkansas recently won a Thousand Dollars from the Kicker Cash Cow Contest. And we've still got more FREE Money to hand out and you could be next! For the entire month of May you can milk the Kicker Cash Cow for a thousand dollars, twice a weekday! Here's how you take home the loot: When you hear the cow giving out FREE Moo-lah, be the 25th Nationwide caller to 1-877-854-WINS that’s 1-877-854-9467 to WIN CASH!

Plus if you're a VIP Club Member you could WIN Ten Grand in the VIP Club. WIN CASH and lots of it during the month of May from Texarkana Eye Associates on Today's New Country Kicker 102.5!

( Contest ends May 30)

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