Texarkana the Cat was born in August 2008, which means he just turned 8 years old for those of you without a calculator handy. It's quaint that someone would name his cat "Texarkana" except there's an issue at play here. Texarkana the Cat's owners live in Vermont and have never stepped foot in our fair city.

"We have never been to Texarkana, but a trip to Texas is something that we talk about pretty often. But Nevada usually wins out," laughed Jeff Kocsis.

Jeff and his wife, Jodi, live on a hobby farm in Vernon, Vermont, with their two children. The family has six goats, (two will be bred this fall), 35 chickens, two miniature donkeys, rabbits, a horse named Lana, a dog named Finley and, of course, Texarkana the Cat who is so laid back, Jeff said, that he (the cat) practically falls asleep when his toenails are being trimmed.

The Kocsis Family

"Texarkana the Cat, also called 'Texie' by the kids, got his name because my wife and I are big fans of the Texas/American Southwest and I'm a big fan of musician Jerry Reed and the movie Smokey and the Bandit," Jeff explained.

There it is.

Born a feral barn cat, Texarkana is a domestic short hair "if he had to be categorized," that is. And like most cats, Texarkana the Cat sleeps. A lot. But he also enjoys making certain to capture the attention of the family dog, Finley.

"Yes, Texarkana's favorite activity is snuggling the dogs, primarily with Finley. In a pinch, his human family will do. His next favorite thing is wrestling with his cat-pal, Nermal, our other cat. Nermal usually wins though," Jeff noted.

"And Texarkana refuses to admit when a box is too small to lay in," Jeff said.

Exhibit A.

Texarkana the Cat

Jeff and Jodi's daughter is involved in 4-H and their son plays football. Jeff enjoys hunting and working the farm, being outdoors with his family and the animals. Meanwhile, Jodi owns a hair salon while he works for a gasoline distributor.

Everyone works very hard.

Especially, Texarkana the Cat.

Texarkana the Cat