Miranda Lambert says she may perform to sold out crowds, win awards and sing into a sparkly microphone, but she claims she's just an ordinary girl.

"I shop at Walmart, eat chicken fried steak and drink beer just like everyone else," Lambert told the legion of fans who congregated for her Locked and Reloaded concert last night at the CenturyLink Center in Bossier City.

When she wasn't singing hard rocking anthems or singing old-style country classics with her friend Dierks Bentley, Lambert charmed the audience with her quick smile and mischievous wit.

"I may sing a lot of songs about empowering women and man hating, but I really love men," Lambert said, referencing her husband, Blake Shelton, as well as her dad and grandfather.

Performing in Louisiana was like coming home for her, Lambert said. After all, Miranda is a Texas girl. Born in Longview, she grew up in Lindale which is only a ninety minute drive from Bossier City.

Which is probably why so many of the people who Miranda grew up with came to the concert. In fact, one of her girlfriends brought her new fiance to the show too. "You know I love you Mark," Miranda told the future groom. "So this next song is for you, but it is also a warning."  Then in a song she told Mark that he'd better respect his future bride.

Even though Miranda says that it is sometimes a woman's job to keep her man in line, men and women alike love the blond songstress, which was evident when all the screaming fans clamored for two encores at the end of last night's show.

But I think one of our mutual fans, Sara Lynn Price, summed up last night's show best: