Are you starting to stress knowing that the tax deadline is coming up on Monday? Happy to say got my taxes done today feel so much better.  I always feel like a weight is lifted off my shoulder when the whole process is over and done with. If you're one to worry you won't get your taxes done in time,  you can file an automatic six-month extension with the IRS and receive no late penalties. All you have to do is fill out form 4868 and submit it to the IRS on or before Monday, April 15. If you're filing the form electronically, it must be submitted by midnight on Monday. If you're mailing it in, it must be postmarked April 15.

Remember, failure to file anything will cost you more money and who needs that headache. Here's how it breaks down you will be charged 5 percent of your unpaid taxes every month that your return is late, up to 25 percent, with a minimum penalty of $135.

The failure-to-file penalty is harsher than the failure-to-pay penalty, so if you're short on cash, the best thing to do is file on time (completed tax forms or an extension) and pay as much as you can.

Taxes owed are still due on April 15, extension or not. That's the American way!

Just in case your wondering how our taxes work check out this YouTube video.

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