I like to think, being in the "Entertainment Business," keeps me fairly informed as to the entertainment options out there, right? I just found out that the most streamed show in the whole State of Texas last year is something called "Ingobernable." What the heck is that?

I mean seriously, there's a lot of entertainment available for out there but most of it I have at least heard of, if not yet seen and episode or two. Not this one. The most viewed streaming show of the year, in the state where I live, never even heard of it.

Then I found out why, the show is not marketed to me, "Ingobernable" is a foreign drama about the First Lady of Mexico played by Kate del Castillo. Season 1 was released on Netflix in 2017 and is rated NR.

Now that I know what the show is and I've watched a couple of clips I know I won't be watching any more of it. Simply because it's shot in Spanish and I don't speak Spanish. It is available dubbed in English but that's just annoying when the actors' lips don't match what's being said. It was funny in the 70's kung fu movies though. The show  is also available with subtitles... ummmm, no.

It looks good, the reviews seem to be very positive but I have enough shows in English I don't have time to watch, this one is simply too much work for me.

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