Who is your BFF? Well, tomorrow June 8, is the day to reach out to your best friend on National Best Friends Day, according to the website, nationaltoday.com.

Believe it or not 19 percent of Americans say their mom is their best friend. The survey asked 1,000 Americans about their rides-or-dies.

39 percent of Americans ay they have more than one BFF. 46 percent of people surveyed said they only have one best friend, while a blessed 39% have multiple best friends.

One in four Americans met their best friend in elementary school and women are more likely to make friends later in life; the majority (24%) met their BFF in high school while the majority of males (28%) met their BFF in elementary school!

Half of Americans say their best friends are like family 54% say their friend is like a family member—and another 6% say their parents like their best friend more than them.

Survey also asked Americans who they considered their best friend:

#1: My significant other (43%)
#2: My dog (19%)
#3: My mom (19%)
#4: My sibling (14%)
#5: My dad (11%)

So consider yourself lucky of if you have a best friend in your life and cherish their friendship.

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