National Kite Day is this Thursday, Feb. 8. Did you know one of my favorite activities I enjoyed doing when I was a kid was flying a kite. There was just something free about holding on to the end of the line, attached to the kite, as it swayed and moved across the sky. Such a feel of freedom as though I was flying through the air with the kite.

Back then, there was very limited styles of kites that were available, mainly the diamond shaped kind, now they come in all shapes and sizes plus they do so much more. There's even stunt kites that allow you to do unique twists and turns. One of my favorite places to fly a kite was at Wright Patman Lake off the side of the hill near the dam. The other was Spring Lake Park in the open field where I had plenty of space to run and get my kite up into the sky. However, I remember my dad having to console me because I got upset that my kite got caught up in a tree. But you know what, those were some great memories, guess you could say that flying a kite was about as close as you can get to a drone back in those days. It's sad, but I just don't see many people flying kites anymore, it's kind of a lost art form from something that dates all the way back to China in 470 B.C.

Two kite in the sky

So on this National Kite Day, go fly a kite, put down your cell phone, and be a kid for a day, you may actually have some fun.

For tips on how to fly a kite and helpful tips check out this website.

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