Looking for an awesome Easter Basket idea? Here is what hubby and I did for the grandbabies last year. 

Easter Basket
Easter Basket/Kendra Raines

Yes, that is a kiddie swimming pool-ha! We really wanted to surprise our precious Grand kids with something huge so we took an hour out of our day and  made this! Here is what you will need:

  • Kids Swimming Pool (size is up to you, we got the one that was like $10-$15)
  • Different colored construction Paper, scissors or paper cutter
  • Hula Hoop, Tape & Knife
  • Lots of Easter Eggs & Toys

We started by cutting all the construction paper into strips and then folding it accordion style to fill the pool. Now you can use that fake Easter grass if you want, this was just cheaper and kinda fun. :) We then filled all the plastic Easter eggs and put them in the basket just all over. We bought most of the toys from the toy aisle at the Dollar Tree ($20 gets A LOT!) And we put one or two or three items that were more expensive than that in there also. One half of the basket for each child (I have two Grandbabies). Lastly, we cut the Hula Hoop and taped it to each side to look like the handle. They LOVED IT! See for yourself:

Kendra's Grandkids
Grands/Kendra Raines

It took us about an hour to do the whole thing and it was so worth it! The problem was coming up with something to top it this year! We are still working on it. :)

Happy Easter to you. Thank you for listening to me each day and for taking the time to "Like" or comment on my blogs. You rock!

Much Love,


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