First things first, this is not an emergency number or the number you would call for a free tow. But if you need roadside assistance in the Great State of Texas, the number is right there on the back of your Drivers License.

If you're having trouble reading it because it's so small, here it is. 1-800-525-5555. Believe it or not, this has been available to you in Texas since 1989.

What is this number for you ask? Roadside assistance is the quick answer, not emergencies. For emergencies, you still would call 9-1-1 just like any other time.

What happens when you call the number is you will be connected to a DPS dispatcher in Austin, Texas. They will ask your name and phone number, then figure out where you are, please try and have a cross street available or the nearest mile market handy before you call. Once they figure out where you are they will send the closest DPS Trooper or local Law Enforcement Officer to assist you if possible.

So, if you've run out of gas, you're stranded for some reason, broken down, flat tire, road debris to report, or something like that, please utilize this valuable Texas tax-payer-provided resource.


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