The excitement is building for North Heights Junior High students, teachers, and staff as they are just a few days away from moving into the new $26 million Arkansas Middle School building on Jefferson Avenue.

Students and staff members are expected to move into the new school on Monday, March, 8. The new school will house sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade students once in full operation, however, only seventh and eighth-grade students will be allowed to move in this semester while sixth graders will start the 2021-2022 school year on the new campus, according to a press release.

This week the city is re-stripping Jefferson in front of the new school. The new stripping will include the addition of a turning lane which should ease the flow of traffic during arrival and dismissal times. The bell schedule will remain the same; classes begin and end at 8:00 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. New school zone flashing beacons are located near the campus reducing the speed limit to 30 miles per hour during arrival and dismissal times.

North and south-bound traffic will enter the front of the school by turning into the driveway located on the north side of the campus. The driveway located on the south side of the campus will be the exit. In an effort to ease the flow of traffic, all vehicles exiting the campus must turn right. Only school buses will be allowed to enter and exit the campus on Crossroads Parkway which is located on the west side of the property.

The new campus will house 1,000 students and is equipped with state-of-the-art science and computer labs, two-band halls, 2 gymnasiums, and much more. Thanks to the restructuring of bonds in 2017 and additional money from the bonds, the district received $6 million from the Arkansas Academic Facilities Partnership Program. The best part of the new school is the fact that the district was able to build the new middle school without an increase to taxpayers. This will mark the first time that the Texarkana Arkansas School District has built a new school, not since 1983 when Trice Elementary School was built. The Arkansas Middle School is 125,000 square feet and sits on 31 acres. A ribbon-cutting ceremony will be announced at a later date.

It's a great day to be a Razorback!

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