If you have a young girl in your family make sure they come to a day of fun, learning and empowerment at the Girl Empowerment Day event this Saturday, April 6 in Texarkana.   

This event is designed to help the young women in our area to make positive decisions and give them the strong sense of self-worth they need to achieve their goals.

Saturday, April 6 from 8:30 AM to 1 PM at Arkansas Middle School, located at 5443 Jefferson Avenue in Texarkana Arkansas.

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There are already 125 young women signed up and there is room for more.

Some of the great things to look forward to are,

Sessions with Dr. Webb and Christal Tryalor as they talk about life-changing decisions and the power of positive impacts.

Two Teenage Girls Having Conversation Using Sign Language

There will also be a workshop on bracelet making, a taste of African cooking by Ms. Bolds giving easy meal ideas.

TikTok is all the rage. There will be TikTok dance sessions with Coach Dixon while learning about healthy lifestyles. They will also learn about Teamwork in a special obstacle course with Texas A&M University's Pathways.


The guest speaker is Randi Renea Miller. She will be sharing her personal experiences and lessons learned on making positive decisions.

Other guests include Miss Texarkana and other pageant queens with inspiring stories for the students.
You can find out more information about this event by calling the Arkansas Middle School at (870) 621-3990.

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