Have you ever had a bad dream about your spouse or significant other? Did you wake up mad or upset at them? You are not alone!

I personally can never remember my dream...maybe that's a good thing for my husband! .

A recent study at the University of Maryland found that Yep, those nightmares of your spouse cheating on you or doing something stupid, really do lead to arguments the next day. I know, it sounds silly and irrational, but it's true!

Two theories are coming from this. The first is deep seeded insecurities about your relationship. Or that your brain is testing you and your relationship and making sure all is really good. :)

If bad dreams are just worries that may or may not have a basis in reality, the better the relationship, the better the ability to withstand these terrible dream interlopers and not let them disrupt things all that much.

via Nightmares About Your Partner? They Actually Affect Your Relationship.