Are you dating? Looking for that special someone? Dating at times can really become frustrating, trying to figure each others likes and dislikes can be very time consuming. The website conducted a Google survey of 1,000 Americans to find how men and women like to be complimented, the results may surprise you, especially the top stat. Of course this survey was based on online dating sites.

Here are the detailed stats:

  • 29 percent said body and appearance
  • 23 percent said humor
  • 21 percent said personality
  • 18 percent said intelligence
  • 9 percent said success
  • 38 percent said personality
  • 20 percent said humor
  • 18 percent said intelligence
  • 16 percent said body and appearance
  • 9 percent said success
Blonde woman feeling jealous of couple flirting beside her

Doesn't surprise me that we Alpha Males want our significant others to approve of our body and appearance before all the other choices. I guess that's why working out is essential for men but having a good sense of humor and personality to go along with it could only score you more points with your lady. While on the other hand, women want to be recognized for their spunky personality while putting their body and appearance near the bottom.

While I do like a woman with a nice body, which shows me she takes care of herself, her personality, sense of humor and intelligence is what turns me on the most.

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