I’ve only had a smart phone for a few months and one thing is for sure. I love free phone apps! I came across this one and had to check it out! Ever get confused on the rules of wine? Which one goes with what foods? The selections are endless! 

Now, Wine Stein is here to help!

You can search by what meal your having and it will show you types and brands of wines that will go best with your food. The more experienced can enter the wine type or brand and it will tell you the best foods to serve with it.

Still the old fashion way is always the best! Picking out a wine is a challenge for me, so I usually go to Tom’s Jug House on Arkansas Boulevard. They have never steered me wrong!

Another great place to check out is Vincent’s on North Stateline Avenue. They offer wine and food suggestions on their website, but even better? They offer a beginners wine class!

Like I said, the phone app is cool, but it will never beat that local expert touch.