The fashion industry has been under fire for a while now because of air-brushed photos in magazines. Adults have been up in arms about it, now a 14 year old girl is trying to do something about it.

Julia Bluhm, from Waterville, Maine, traveled to New York City this past week protesting in front of the offices of Seventeen magazine with some friends doing their own photo shoot.

"We want to show Seventeen that we love our body just for who we are and we don't need Photoshop to fix us ... and we can be pretty without -- we can take pictures of ourselves and be pretty," Bluhm said.

She started a petition on called "Seventeen Magazine: Give Girls Images of Real Girls" asking the magazine to feature one picture a month that is un-airbrushed. Really, that's not a lot to ask.

Kudos to this 8th grader! It's tough for adult women not to compare themselves to air-brush perfection!  What I love is: She's not trying to totally change the industry. She just wants to give it a little health shot in the arm of reality.

via 8th Grader Petitions Seventeen Magazine to Feature Un-Airbrushed Photos - ABC News.