It has always amazed me what some country stars do to get ready for their show. Yahoo!'s Ram Country just revealed some pretty interesting pre-show rituals.

For example Gloriana's Tom Gossin jokes that their band is "all joke and no play" before heading onstage-they like to warm up their vocal chords."

Craig Morgan prays with his band as a pre-show ritual, to "give thanks for all they've been blessed with."

Carrie Underwood likes to have a relaxing 15 minutes with her band before she hits the stage, "to joke around with each other and break the ice.

Luke Bryan says "the band huddles up and say funny things that come through their brains."

Don't get me started on some of the crazy superstitions that the artist do before a show. That's for another story, all in itself.

Check out this YouTube video on Pre-Show rituals.

Here's a video from Craig Morgan doing his latest single "This Ole Boy."