Memorial Day is right around the corner and Lake Ouachita near Hot Springs is well known for having one of the cleanest lakes in the country but did you know that there is an underwater memorial that pays tribute to a fallen U. S. Navy Seal Adam L. Brown.

Adams, a Hot Springs native and former Chief Special Warfare Operator had a book published based on his life story called "Fearless: The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy Seal Team 6 Operator Brown. The memorial was placed at Blakely Dam in Lake Ouachita in the Hot Springs on July 27, 2013, by a group of Arkansas Scuba Divers. The memorial is accessible to both land and scuba divers

The memorial consists of a laser-etched, black granite marker to CPO Adam Brown placed into a large rock, as well as another large stone that contains Adam’s favorite Bible verse. The hope is that the memorial will stand as a lasting tribute to Adam as well as an inspiration to the diving community. The memorial is known as "Fearless Rock," and is funded by private donations. From time to time, members of the Fearless Rock Dive Team place Flags, Challenge Coins, and other Items down in the Underwater Memorial.

So, if you spend Memorial weekend at Lake Ouachita you may pay a visit to this very special memorial underwater and say a little prayer for a guy who admirably served our country with dignity and class.

Learn more here on the Fearless Rock memorial and read an incredibly inspiring story on the life of CPO Adam Brown.

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