The Rotary Splash Pad will be closed this Thursday, August 15 for maintenance and repairs. It is scheduled to re-open on Friday as usual.

In case you haven't been, the Splash Pad is a zero-depth water playground built in collaboration between the Rotary Clubs of Texarkana and the City of Texarkana, Texas Parks, and Recreation Department.

When you get a chance, make sure to take the kids to the Splash Pad, just remember when you do, they're gonna wanna go back again and again.

Wes Spicher - TSM
Wes Spicher - TSM

One of the most popular features of the kids is the pelican that dumps water on your head. Its beak fills up and when it gets full the beak opens and dumps water on the kids below as seen in the photo above.

Enjoy the Splash Pad!

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