Last night was the Texarkana Christmas Parade, and what a parade it was! The weather was great and maybe that's why it seemed there was a record number of people. I was even wearing flip-flops!

Scott, Mario and myself were in the Kicker Truck and as we were waiting for the parade to start and then Santa showed up! I'm not sure how it happened, but there were TWO Santa's at the parade. I've heard that Santa has a brother Santa Clees, this must have been another brother because he said his name was Santa Jim. He looked like Santa so either way, we weren't taking any chances!

Our co-worker Jeff spotted "our" Santa and found out he was in a rush to get to his spot in the back of the parade. Jeff brought him to the back and found that Santa already there! Well, we couldn't just leave "our" Santa on the side of the road! So, he hopped on the Kicker Truck and rode with us!

The new route downtown was used to include Front Street. I liked the route, but it did make the parade quite a bit longer. What do you think? I posted the question on Facebook and looks like everybody loved it! Below is what some of our listeners said!

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