The College of Science and Engineering at Southern Arkansas University proudly hosted the 2019 Engineering Summer Camp, June 10-13. Dr. Abdel Bachri, dean of the COSE, said students took home incredible knowledge from the camp, which hopefully will inspire students to develop a love for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) disciplines.
For one week, students learned the basics of computer coding, computer security, the creation of videogames, assembled robots, and learned how to create 3D models using engineering drafting tools and 3D-printed prototypes, according to the Release.

Bachri provided physics demonstrations using a bed of nails and rockets, and Dr. Jongyeop Kim taught Computer Coding I and II. Dr. Xin Yang, assistant professor of computer science, and Jeff Summer taught robotics. Dr. Hong Cheng led Database Programming. Justin Liles headed demonstrations in gaming and virtual reality. Dr. Paul Schrader guided students in Fun Mathematics. Dr. Puskar Chapagain led a demonstration using Arduino circuits and a Raspberry Pi project.

“Students even watched the night sky with an in-house telescope,” Bachri enthused. “The camp provided a unique learning environment because of its student engagement and active learning format.”

He said hands-on projects encouraged peer collaboration. “Our instructors carefully chose the activities and were fully engaged to promote learning,” Bachri explained.
Bachri expressed his thanks to faculty and students who led demonstrations and contributed toward this major STEM outreach. By engaging students in hands-on group activities, students gained an appreciation of science and engineering and will be able to consider STEM careers.

“This year’s camp built on the success of the previous camps that SAU has hosted each summer since 2014,” he said.



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