How cool would this be? Sending your name to the Red Planet aboard the 2020 Mars Rover Mission.

According to BGR News, Your name will be inscribed onto a small chip on the rover, chosen from a NASA sign-up list Names are now being taken and for participating in this program you'll also receive a souvenir boarding pass stating your involvement in the mission. You'll also get "frequent flyer miles" for signing up. Don't wait too long you only until September 30, 2019 to get signed up. Get on the list HERE.

July of 2020 is the scheduled launch for NASA's Rover mission. Testing is currently underway and seems to be going well. So, imagine knowing what it may feel like to have your name travel through space and be etched onto a rover on Mars. Gives me chills just knowing that my name will live on, long after I'm gone on another planet besides Earth.

In the immortal words of Spock, "Live Long and Prosper."

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